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Interactive Brain Light Project

06 Jul 2015

Artist Laura Jade's Brain Light Project (2015) integrates biology and illumination design into an interactive, sculpture cut from perspex, and engraved with dendrites. Collaborating with neuroscientist Peter Simpson-Young and programmer Sam Gentle, the brain sculpture lights up in response to changing brain activity transmitted from an EEG (electroencephalography) wireless headset. The Brain Light Project is Laura's major work for her Masters of Illumination Design at the University of Technology, Sydney and has been created during a CULTURE AT WORK 2015 art + science residency program.



 The catalyst for this research project was my flourishing intrigue and desire to harnesses my own Brain as the creator of an interactive art experience where no physical touch was required except the power of my own thoughts. To experience this wild vision and to share it with others I have created a large freestanding brain sculpture that is made of laser cut Perspex hand etched with neural networks that glow when light is passed through them. The installation is controlled with a wireless BCI (Brain Controlled Interface) Electroencephalography (EEG- is the process of recording the electrical activity of the brain) headset that creates a dynamic light and sound experience of live interactive brain activity. For this artwork I am using the Emotiv EPOC / EPOC+ which is a revolutionary Brain Computer Interface for human computer interaction. It users sensors to tune into electrical signals produced by the brain to detect users thoughts, feelings and expressions. Myself, a Neuroscientist and a Programmer will be using the Emotiv. EPOC+ EEG headset to explore the brain frequency areas of: Meditation (Alpha), focus and attention (Theta), excitement/agitation (Beta) as well as emotional states and facial expressions which will be translated into a light display within the brain sculpture. By using this multichannel Human Computer Interface which is sensitive enough to detect and output real-time neural activity, we can experience a level of conscious mind-control over our Brain's bustling electrical activity while simultaneously witnessing an internal feedback loop created by our constantly changing perception of the artwork.Here is a short VIDEO of myself explaining the BRAIN LIGHT PROJECT.

Click here to view a short VIDEO of the BRAIN LIGHT working in action with a user.

A detailed online catalogue can be found HERE. It includes interesting statements from the neuroscientist and programmer's perspective.

Click here for more images of the BRAIN LIGHT


Top:  The Interactive Brain
Above:  Artist - Laura Jade

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