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Opinion: The challenges facing Australia on the inevitable change-over to LED on our streets

04 Sep 2017

By Trevor Leighton

Love them or loathe them, totally get them or haven't a clue about them, LEDs are coming to a street near you very soon. But don't worry, it's a good thing, if it's done correctly...                               

There are many obvious benefits to LED on our roadways and a few you might not have thought about. The obvious benefits are energy savings, at least >40-50% if you do it right, longer lifetimes and of course, ease of maintenance.

For Australia, I am much more interested in benefits far beyond simple power consumption mathematics. As any good street lighting engineer will tell you, the standard of lighting on our streets in general is outstandingly bad. And not just bad, dangerous. If you come to my lovely street in a green Sydney shire and bring your luminance camera, you will very quickly discover even before taking it out of its box, the uniformity of light on the roads is dangerously poor; if a child in a black hoodie crossed the road in one of the many dark spots, a car wouldn't even need to be speeding to have a problem seeing them clearly and be able to avoid plowing into them.

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Above image: LA today, not such an orange glow anymore 





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