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Lighting magazine partners with Smart Lighting Summit

04 Sep 2017

With Melbourne winning The Economist's most liveable city award for the seventh consecutive year in a row, lighting specialists are making sure the city isn't left in the dark. Innovative ideas and plans regarding smart lighting will be discussed at the 5th Annual Australian Smart Lighting Summit. The knowledge-sharing event returns again to bring the best minds in the lighting industry into one room.

In a snapshot, this year's summit agenda covers the latest trends and developments regarding street, urban, outdoor and public street lighting across Australia and the world. Through a mixture of keynote presentations and panel discussions, the summit will highlight case studies, plans for procurement and installation and announcements of new technologies.

Delegates will be privy to keynote presentations including Florida Power & Light's Smart Street Lighting Program: Building North America's largest Street Light Control Network, Intelligent Street Light Procurement: The Story of Copenhagen, Designing Public Lighting for the Public: The Community Friendly Lighting Program, Streets Ahead: Smart lighting upgrades in South Australia, and more.

Joe Hancock, Florida Power & Light's Principal Streetlight Leader, will outline how the utility is planning to complete the largest smart street lighting replacement projects in North America. When asked what the biggest challenges are for utility companies vying for smart street lighting contracts, Hancock explained that councils and governments often assume that lighting is an incremental change, but rather, it is a transformational one. In areas where newer technology has been employed there have been reductions in energy costs and crime rates, and improvements in the night-time economies within emerging 24-hour cities and environmental sustainability.

Bob Parks, who is returning again following his well-received appearance at least year's summit, furthered these sentiments. The Executive Director of Smart Outdoor Lighting (SOLA) explained that "the choice of lighting fixtures and controls has a major impact in the quality of lighting... and its goals". Parks expressed that departments often forget what's best for communities and make choices based purely on lighting standards. However, Parks continued, when you choose the right components for a community is when you will see the best results. These can include smaller carbon footprints, better neighbourhood ambience and less light pollution.

Lighting Magazine is a media partner of the 5th Annual Australian Smart Lighting Summit 2017.

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