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Gerard Lighting launches new-look specification website

04 Sep 2017

Gerard Lighting, has launched its new specifier website, marking the first time all their professional brands and products will be housed under the one digital roof.

With an ultimate focus on providing an outstanding user experience, the Gerard Lighting Specifier Website will offer lighting consultants, architects and specifiers quick and easy access to lighting solutions, case studies, critical product information and insights into lighting trends.

Co-created with a wide range of customer groups across the industry providing feedback through informal focus groups and discussions, the specification website brings together the preferences of users. From development to refining, the process of customer consultation has helped shape and guide, enabling Gerard Lighting to introduce a new platform that truly understands and caters to the needs of all customers.

The website will allow users to choose solutions by segment, allowing quick and easy specification in a variety of different project areas, the ability to view product information by clear and defined product categories, easy access to details on completed Gerard Lighting projects and the ability to keep up to date on global and local trends that influence lighting design and specification.

"We've designed this new destination for customers to cut through the clutter and directly find the information relevant for them. If a hospital administrator or specifier is on the site, they can navigate straight to the healthcare tab and be presented with a comprehensive list of applicable lighting solutions specific to that vertical," said Ben Mills, General Manager at Gerard Lighting.

To add another point of differentiation, specifiers can toggle between ‘good', ‘better' and ‘best' tabs to offer a tiered lighting solution based on desired outcomes and budgets.

"Encouraging efficiency and providing enhanced user experience has been our core goal in the development of this website. We want specifiers to leave the platform with complete lighting solutions and feeling well-informed and inspired," continued Mills.

For each segment, Gerard Lighting operates in, information on trends and thought leadership will be shared, to not only tell the Gerard Lighting story, but to impart the institutional knowledge acquired as a result of the company's longstanding history in the industry.

This new look, refined website features a comprehensive library of photometrics for specifiers to download IES and REVIT files, providing a one-stop shop and much needed time saver during the design process.

To further demonstrate the commitment to well thought out design and usability, the complete Gerard Lighting IT system has been integrated with the website. In addition to maximising data accuracy, this means that any relevant product updates made internally, are automatically transferred to the website in real time.

The future of Gerard Lighting still has much to offer. With $500k invested on technological platforms, the company is looking to increase its presence on social media and bring new tools to the customer. These innovative offerings will allow specifiers to mix and match components and build products online.

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