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Lighting the Future at the Smart Lighting Summit 2017

03 Oct 2017

The 5th Annual Smart Lighting Summit 2017, organised by Expotrade, once again brought together the most innovative minds in the lighting industry. The two-day event, held at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, hosted over 25 local and international speakers and welcomed 150-plus senior-level delegates through its doors.

Delegates gathered at the knowledge-sharing event to learn from an agenda featuring topics regarding smart street lighting, the integration of lighting and the Internet of Things, procurement planning, light pollution, design and intelligent-lighting solutions, all presented by industry-leading experts from both international and local entities.

A much anticipated speaker was Florida-based Joe Hancock, from Florida Light & Power Company. Hancock was unable to make it to Melbourne for the Summit, as he was confined to his home while Hurricane Irma tore through the south-eastern state. However, both Hancock and the Summit's organisers worked in conjunction to create a filmed presentation that still reached delegate expectations and featured Hancock's industry expertise, evident within his achievement of planning one of the largest smart street lighting replacement projects in the world; 75,000 LED street lights are already installed around Florida.

Industry experts came from across the globe to speak at this year's Summit. Louise Rathleff and Stine Ellermann travelled from the City of Copenhagen to discuss the Council's ambition to become the first carbon-neutral Capital City in the world. The duo expanded on the plans aims of minimal resident disruption during construction, the time-frame, placement requirements and the potential sustainability hurdles facing the world-first project. 

For a second-consecutive time, the Executive Director of USA's Smart Outdoor Lighting Alliance, Bob Parks, returned to present at the Summit. With global LED conversion occurring, Park's session reinforced the need for proper regulations in public lighting sectors in a bid to decrease light pollution, animal sleep-cycle confusion and circadian disruption.

Local infrastructure industry experts also presented on a range of informative subjects showcasing Australia's own projects. Dr. Katie Volter, from the Department of Environment & Energy, thoroughly discussed the Minamata Convention, its surrounding issues and Australia's position on ratification. Also touching on this topic was Ironbark Sustainability's Managing Director, Paul Brown. Concentrating on the subject of future-proofing technologies, Brown presented on optimising DNSPs and how we need to monitor that the changes which are being made now are also viable for future technology and compliant with new legislation.  

Other highlights of the event included a City Lights Tour led by City of Melbourne's Ian Dryden and the 2nd Annual Delegate Choice Awards, of which LCT GesmbH light & concrete technology took home both Best Design and Most Innovative awards home to Austria, for their product LightStone.

This year's Summit was another success in bringing together senior-level industry executives and innovative topics, all in a bid to exchange expertise and improve public lighting across the globe.

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