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Case Study: dazzling LED make-over for Karachi’s iconic new shopping mall

07 Nov 2017

Customer Challenge

The LuckyOne mall in Karachi, Pakistan is designed by Pakistan's renowned architecture firm Arcop Associates Private Limited and offers cutting-edge shopping, dining and entertainment experiences for its visitors. To complement the building's unique features, an innovative lighting concept was needed to maximize the building's presence in the city while helping the company to meet sustainability goals. The company also wanted to enhance the indoor lighting level in the mall, to attract more visitors.

The right light is everything
LuckyOne mall's façade
To illuminate the five-story high façade from the mall, over 220 Philips Color Kinetics Vaya Linear MP, RGB fixtures have been installed. The fixtures are installed around the unique V-shaped beam structures, the building's main truss, and the floating canopy in varying lengths to highlight its form and making it stand out during the night skyline.

Lighting schemes were set up using an iPlayer3 lighting controller from Philips Color Kinetics. With these control units in place, the fixtures can be programmed to produce stunning light shows for each façade panel. The panels can also be synced with each other to create sweeping schemes across the façade, ranging from rich, solid hues to rainbow arrays transforming the mall to an iconic landmark in Karachi.

Indoor walkways
To accommodate the wide scope of events and create memorable experiences for the shoppers, Philips Essential SmartBright LED down lights are used to create a highlighted experience for LuckyOne mall's visitors. By using the Philips LED fixtures, LuckyOne mall can easily adjust its lighting to promote concerts, fashion shows, gameshows and other and significant events throughout the year. Besides offering flexibility in lighting scenes, the new LED lighting can deliver up to 60% energy savings compared to conventional lighting, and savings on operation and maintenance costs.

 "Philips Lighting is an ideal partner. We aimed to build a shopping mall which would have no equivalent in Pakistan,'' said Sohail Tabba CEO, LuckyOne Group. He added, "The façade lighting presents remarkable commercial opportunities as well as entertainment for visitors. It brings the mall to life from the moment visitors approach it from a far to when they enter and experience its interior, right through to the vivid illumination of the Family Entertainment Center ‘Onederland'." - Sohail Tabba CEO, LuckyOne Group.

Project summary
The prestigious mall was opened to public in May 2017 and is built on an area of 315,870 square meters (3.4 million square feet) making it one of the largest shopping malls in Pakistan.

The mall is home to over 200 stores. In addition, the mall has an atrium, a ramp for fashion shows and a large area for musical concerts. Other facilities include a large parking space for over 3000 cars and a food court.

The mall has an Indoor theme park, known as Onederland, spread over two levels, it has over 200 attractions which include many fun games and activities for all age groups from young kids to adults. Philips low-bay lights were installed to create engaging and exciting environment for the visitors.

The mall is designed by renowned architecture firm Arcop Associates Private Limited.

MEP Consultants
ElekEn Associates

Lighting Designers
Philips Lighting

Technology used
To illuminate the façade Philips Color Kinetics Vaya Linear MP, RGB, and Philips Color Kinetics Vaya Flood HP, have been installed and are controlled with a Philips iPlayer3 controller. In the indoor areas more than 9,000 indoor Philips Essential SmartBright LED were installed.

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