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Industry welcomes Commonwealth Government reprieve on damaging new regulations

04 Dec 2017

The lighting industry welcomes a commitment received recently from the Commonwealth Government to undertake further industry consultation about damaging new regulations planned for the lighting industry.

"We are very relieved that the government looks to have given Australian industry a stay of execution on this short-sighted and ill-conceived policy", explained Lighting Council Australia CEO, Richard Mulcahy, referring to the Minimum Energy Performance Standards for LED lights proposal. 

The proposals were due to be considered by Energy Ministers at a COAG meeting in Hobart at the end of November.

"These regulations would have undermined the jobs of Australians working in one of Australia's few remaining viable manufacturing industries.  It would have hit Australians, particularly those on low incomes, with an unexpected and cruel blow that would have made more efficient lights more expensive."

"The Department has announced that it will undertake additional consultation with industry, raising obvious questions about the original consultation process."

"We have written to the Secretary of the Department, raising our concerns about the process to date, including some serious governance issues within the office responsible for the policy and the consultation process."

Lighting Council Australia has recently written to federal and state and territory parliamentarians across the country, and met with Energy Ministers and their staff in key jurisdictions particularly affected by the proposal.

"We have been very well-received.  Many parliamentarians have expressed serious concern about this issue, particularly members of the Federal Coalition who consider the proposal to be counter-productive and inimical to this Federal Government's stated commitment to red-tape reduction and innovation."

"We welcome the opportunity to work in a frank and constructive way with the Department and the Minister; we just hope that they bring the same commitment".

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