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Recessed residential LED luminaires

04 Dec 2017

Proposal to increase the certification requirements for recessed residential LED luminaires

The Australian and New Zealand standards committee dealing with electrical safety risk classification is proposing to increase the risk classification and certification requirements for recessed residential LED luminaires with permanently attached drivers. If the proposal is supported by the committee, the change would require these products to be certified (by a state electrical safety regulator or third-party certifier) and registered on the ERAC National Database before being placed on to the market in Australia. The test standard for these products is AS/NZS 60958.2.2.

The proposed definition excludes commercial and industrial products. As a result, it is likely that product markings, such as "For commercial and industrial use only", as well as the intent of the supplier during the marketing and sale of these products will determine whether a product is judged to be residential or commercial/industrial. For example, if sold at a major retail outlet such as Bunnings an electrical safety regulator would likely judge a product to be intended for residential use. If an electrical contractor purchases a product that is marked "for commercial/ industrial use only" and installs the item in a residence, the electrical contractor would need to meet the requirements of the higher risk classification.

A public comment draft of the proposal is available here

If you have any comments regarding this proposal, please reply to  before Friday 12 January 2018.

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