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Recent study says lighting controls boost led efficiency by 47 percent

06 May 2019

LED technology has made a huge impact on the world of lighting over the past decade. But today, the residential and commercial markets face different fates.

Energy savings opportunities in the residential arena will soon be "largely exhausted," according to a recent study by Energy Futures Group (EFG). But in the commercial sector, potential savings remain significant.

The study notes that adding networked lighting controls to LED installations boosts energy savings by an average of 47% beyond savings from LEDs alone.

"The technology has been a lot quicker to adapt to the lamps in the residential market. With commercial, there's just so many different applications, it's been a little slower to transition to LED technology," says Tina Halfpenny, executive director of the DesignLights Consortium (DLC), the Massachusetts-based national non-profit that sets efficiency standards for commercial lighting products to qualify for incentives from public utilities across the US.


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