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New Zealand Hosts IEC International Lighting Standards Experts

02 Mar 2020

Mr Andrew Caseley (CEO of the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority - EECA), Mr Bryan King (Executive Director, Lighting Council NZ and IEC TC34 NZ Delegate), Mr Peter Berry (Chair IEC NZ National Committee and Executive Director of the Electricity Engineers Association), Ms Catherine Beard (Executive Director Export NZ and Manufacturing NZ), Mr Chris Byrne (Chair of Lighting Council NZ and General Manager Zumtobel Lighting New Zealand).  Image supplied by Lighting Council New Zealand.


Lighting experts from the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) of Geneva Switzerland, the peak body for electrical and electronic product and systems standards worldwide, met in Wellington in mid-February for nine days of technical meetings.  The sessions were hosted by Standards New Zealand in combination with Lighting Council New Zealand.

Technical Committee 34 Lighting (TC 34) is the expert group for developing international standards for safety, performance and environmental aspects of lighting equipment and systems.  This group meets three times per year in various member countries worldwide to write, debate and reach consensus on technical standards covering luminaires, control gear, light sources, caps and holders and lighting systems.

The Wellington round saw forty-five international experts from thirteen countries meet to progress latest standards developments.  The main priority was updating of the luminaire foundation safety standard IEC 60598-1, as well as advancing standards guidance on horticultural lighting, organic LED (OLED), smart control gear, LED performance, lighting systems, and environmental aspects.

Lighting systems is a relatively new Internet of Things (IoT) activity area which includes physical components, communications, user interfaces, software and networks to provide central control and monitoring functions for smart buildings and infrastructure.

A new working group, ad hoc group ahG16 Environmental Aspects for TC34 Publications, commenced activity in Wellington, chaired by NZ IEC TC 34 head Bryan King.  This group is investigating the application of environmental and product ecodesign principles within IEC lighting standards.  These approaches apply to product design, manufacture and operation including the principles of circular economy (CE) and materials efficiency (ME).  The lighting circular economy topic is about reassessing how materials, energy and other resources are managed throughout the entire lifecycle of lamps, control gear or luminaires - from design to manufacture, use, repair, reuse, remanufacture and end-of-life treatment.


Group shot of the IEC TC34 Lighting Committee and guests at the Lighting Council NZ hosted Wellington Te Papa function. Image supplied by Lighting Council New Zealand.


International standardisation of products is a vitally important part of Australia and New Zealand's global trade prospects.  The World Trade Organisation (WTO) cites IEC technical standards as the basis for fair and efficient product trade, and IEC aligned AS/NZS standards are a fundamental part of ANZ bi-lateral trade treaties with major trading partners.

Lighting Council New Zealand hosted a dinner and social function at the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa for the international delegates and NZ lighting industry, NGO and government dignitaries.  This included a unique behind-the-scenes and exhibition lighting tour for the offshore visitors, presented by Te Papa's Head Electrician Allan Baird-Smith.

New Zealand speakers at the event were Mr Chris Byrne (Chair of Lighting Council NZ and General Manager of Zumtobel Lighting New Zealand) and Mr Peter Berry (Chair of the IEC NZ National Committee and  Executive Director of the NZ Electricity Engineers Association).  The Chair of the TC 34 Lighting Committee Mr Andreas Scholtz (Standards Manager of Osram Lighting Germany) responded with international lighting topical viewpoints and commended the highly proficient organisation of the New Zealand event.

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