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Emergency Lighting Standards to be amended for National Construction Code 2022

03 Aug 2020

Source:  Lighting Council Australia, Illuminations

Following external stakeholder consultation a project proposal developed by Lighting Council Australia's Emergency Lighting Working Group, consisting of technical experts representing leading emergency lighting suppliers, has now been approved by Standards Australia.

The proposal seeks to amend the current publication of the 2293 series of standards which determines requirements for the design, construction, installation, certification and maintenance of all the individual components of an emergency lighting and exit signage scheme.

As a part the routine maintenance cycle for the series, this proposal suggests amending various editorial and technical issues that have been identified since its publication including:

  • Incorrect, outdated, redundant or unclear references and definitions included in the current publication has resulted in misinterpretation and uncertainty by manufacturers, certifiers and surveyors who rely on the Standards to provide integrity of emergency luminaires.

  • Luminaire depreciation de-rating factors for maintained and combined maintained luminaires in stairways have been omitted from the current publication. The principal of lumen depreciation applies equally to stairways as compared to other spaces. Neglecting the inclusion of lumen depreciation de-rating factors methods in the Standard may lead to situations where an unacceptable level of illumination for the evacuation of occupants of a building during emergency egress is provided.

  • The suitability of existing marking and labelling requirements will be reviewed by the committee. Continued requirements of unnecessary marking and labelling requirements may result in additional manufacturing and testing expense that will be passed along the supply chain to end users of emergency luminaires.

The project will now be handed over for review by Standards Australia Emergency Lighting In Buildings technical committee which will aim to meet tight timelines to ensure that the amended Standards are picked up in the 2022 revision of the National Construction Code.

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